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Gift Box Galore

Regular price $ 100.00

 We are very excited to put together a new gift idea!
All packed in a Gift Box w/ shred.
($15 off)
We are happy to include a card if this is a gift, please let us know what you would like written inside. 
Two Soaps: $12.50
4 oz. Avocado Body Butter:  $9.95
8 oz. Body Butter:  $14.95 
16 oz. Jojoba Bead Suspension Gel:  $14.95
12 oz. Sugar & Shea Scrub:  $23.95
7 oz. Soy Blend Candle:  $14.95 ***
8 oz. Lotion w/ Shea Butter:  $11.95
8 oz. Alcohol (62%) Rinse Free Hand Gel
Total:  $115.15
The perfect Ready to Go Gift!
***please note:
* The candle in the picture is our Large Candle, we are currently out of the Large Containers.
* Alcohol Rinse Free Hand Gel will be Lavender Lemon Gel for the Lavender Lemon and Pikake Box, Citrus Sunshine Gel for the Citrus Sunshine, Basil Lime, Coconut Lemongrass and Orange Box, all others will be Fragrance Free unless otherwise requested.